Redcollie Stretchers

  • Ideal for watercolour classes.

    Stretch your watercolour paper with ease – No more gum strip!

    This infallible device takes the chore out of stretching watercolour paper of all weights. You will never need to buy brown paper tape again!

    All who have attempted watercolour painting will know the frustration of painting on unstretched paper…even the heaviest papers can cockle and buckle under a wash, causing the paint to flow unevenly and ruining your work. Let’s face it…watercolour painting can be difficult enough, so anything which makes it technically easier has to be a bonus. The cure is to pre-stretch your paper, which normally means soaking the paper and then sticking it to your drawing board with old-fashioned brown-paper tape or loads of drawing pins, both very haphazard and unreliable methods. Get the paper too wet and it can tear as it dries or even break the board; get the tape too wet and it won’t stick at all! Furthermore you have to let the paper dry naturally which can take several hours. By the time you have achieved a perfectly stretched sheet of paper you are almost frightened to use it!

    Watercolour paper is not cheap and wasted sheets can make it an expensive and frustrating hobby. As a watercolour teacher I needed a reliable device to stretch several sheets a day quickly and effortlessly, hence this invention.

    Using the stretcher is very easy…
    1 Simply soak the watercolour paper as usual.
    2 Lay it onto the lightweight board, cover the edges with the white plastic strips and lock them into place with the black plastic binders.
    You can even apply gentle direct heat to dry the paper, meaning you can be ready to start painting within 10 minutes.
    This video shows the whole process:

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    12X8 inches: A4 (30X21cm £14.50 each

    16X12 inches: A3 (42X30cm) £21.00 each
    15X11 inches: Quarter Imperial (38X28cm) £19.00 each
    22X15 inches: Half Imperial (56X 38cm) £29.00 each
    24X16 inches: A2 (60X42cm) £31.00 each
    Bespoke sizes also made. Please contact me for a quotation.
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    Side binder bars available.
    You supply the boards, I will supply full instructions for construction and use.
    A4 Side Bar set £8.50
    32X24cm side bar set £9.50
    A3 Side Bar set £10.50
    A2 Side Bar set £15.00
    Quarter Imperial Side Bar set £10.00
    Half Imperial Side Bar set £15.00
    All prices include UK Postage and Packing
    Overseas customers welcome
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